It’s recently being said that you are the average of the closest 5 people you associate with… A self-selected group of people with a similar intention can be those new 5 people for you now. Mastermind groups are known for engaging the best and brightest and bringing them together to creatively combine their experiences and skills to address common issues.

Our Mastermind program has been carefully designed to grow and accelerate your business, Period!

If you are running a $500K+ company you will benefit from this specialized group of entrepreneurs. Beyond each other, our mentors will empowered your business with proven ideas and systems for building your company to greater profitability.

  • Have you reached a plateau and feel stuck in growing your business to the next level?
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If you’ve been in business for long, you know how challenging it can be to create a company that generates consistent sales and profits in this new business landscape. In fact, if you’re like most business owners, you’ve likely experienced countless sleepless nights thinking about how to build, manage and grow your company in today’s constantly bouncing business environment.

A CEO should spend 100% of his/her time raising capital and the rest of their time running their company.

Not sure who said that, but does it ring a bell? Between hiring, training and managing employees, on top of all the operational and financial challenges you face on a daily basis, most business owners find themselves overwhelmed, stressed-out and alone. If this sounds all too familiar, we can give you the support you need to take your business to the next level.

Our experience consultants and your mastermind team, will dive deep into your business to help you achieve the breakthroughs and success you’ve been looking for.

We are intentionally creating an environment that will inspire you to see higher potentials and possibilities for your business. We’ve invited the smartest and successful minds in business to join you, mentor you, and work with you on your business to provide the insights you need to make great decisions and maximize your success.

In each session, you’ll share your greatest business challenges and opportunities with the team who will serve as your informal board of advisors to optimize your strategies for success. If you’ve felt overwhelmed, frustrated or confused on what steps you should take and when, our mastermind will give you the support, education and collaboration you’ve been looking for. Maybe even some “tough love” and backing to enable you to do what you must do.

Beyond that, we’ll help you build strategic alliances that will generate the income and influence you desire and deserve. This is a unique and powerful opportunity to connect and build relationships with brilliant and successful business leaders during three intimate and intense retreats throughout this year-long program.

Our Mastermind sessions are spread over three weekends, with a specific focus at each event. Monthly conference calls will enable you to check-in, ask questions, grab some quick feedback, and learn something new and useful you can apply immediately.

Our first Mastermind session will be held next year in San Diego, where we will focus on Marketing your business and increasing your revenues and profits.

You will have…

  • An opportunity to share your current business model and what you desire to create in the next few years. Our Mastermind team will provide the essential feedback and course-correcting ideas that will double or triple your revenue in the next few years.
  • A sales and marketing assessment done on your business, where our Mastermind team will advise you that your business is in right or wrong order and point out your ROI from your marketing efforts actually make sense. We may also recommend additional profit centers that can be effortlessly included in your business model.
  • Included is a copy of BizPlanBuilder business planning software for you to refine and share your business model.
  • An opportunity to showcase your business to other Mastermind Group Members.
  • Ongoing coaching from Jerry Conti and Frankie Verdugo throughout the year.

For more information. Contact Jerry Conti at or call 1-800-401-9171 ext 702


The Benefit Corporation (B Corp)

by admin2011 on August 5, 2012


In the business world there’s been this tension between making money and doing good.  At least for an emerging group of leaders.  Sure, making money – being a viable enterprise – is exceedingly important.  It’s hard to be an ongoing enterprise, enduring for the long-term, without effective revenue generation and cash flow management no matter how you structure things.

But there are a greater number of people who feel that business is about more than profit.  It used to be that business was not just about making money – for oneself or one’s shareholders – but also about adding value and doing something good in the world: innovating new high-quality products that last longer than one season (or one year …), building infrastructure, caring for people when they are sick or injured … More people seem to want to get back to that.

Yet, in the world of corporate law, for-profit corporate officers can run into trouble if they engage in activity designed to do anything other than produce a profit, since their duty of loyalty is to the shareholders who funded the operation in hopes of getting the greatest return on their investment.  This, of course, has led to making money as an end unto itself.  And that focus has led to a lot of people dissatisfied with the jobs they go to every day, just to earn a buck without much in the way of personal or professional satisfaction.

Many in business are starting to consider that such return might come in the form of value other than a dollar, euro, ruble or yen (insert your other favorite monetary currency here).  Those who consider themselves social entrepreneurs will be glad of this first: the Benefit Corporation which made its debut in the state of Maryland in April or 2010. That move, followed by several other states, allows social entrepreneurs to formally state their business mission in their missions in their corporate charters. It’s actually one of the requirements of the law allowing the creation of a B Corp.

Think of it as a hybrid of the for profit and non-profit corporation.

Rather than a primary focus on ‘shareholder value’ (which is creating as much money as possible for corporate owners) – the duty of those running a for profit corporation, the B Corp, like a true social enterprise, can lawfully focus on the needs of everyone connected to the company: shareholders, officers, staff, customers/clients, vendors, communities.  That’s a very different focus. So long as the public or social benefit that may serve as the mission of the enterprise is clearly stated in the corporation’s Articles of Incorporation (so investors know what that is and that their investment will not just be focused on money-making but rather value-making and money-making), then the officers and management of the company can legally seek to confer such benefits on people other than shareholders.  Not only can they, but in doing so they must measure and report their beneficial results so that those efforts can be publically tracked.

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Written By:  Maria Simon
Passion To Prosperity Diva

Back in 2001, just a few days after the tragedy of 9/11, I happened to be in Manhattan on business. As soon as I emerged from the subway, I had an overwhelming sense that everything had really changed. What I did notice over the next few days was an overall increase in CARING amongst the residents that spilled over into business as well. We continued to see that for years —people pooling resources, collaborating, bartering services, mentoring or just lending a hand. Over the last 2 years, I’ve had a sense that higher level of consciousness has come back and because of that I believe that NOW is a great time to be in business. One of the reasons why is that RELATIONSHIPS have truly become one of the most important assets in business and it’s a resource that’s readily available to all of us. Cultivating the proper relation ships is a more sustainable approach to growing your business and could take you even further then raising capital or investing in certain advertising or marketing campaigns. Compensation does not have to be financial either, especially when you’re just starting out. Some people will just want to help, others will exchange services with you, defer payment or get paid for performance. Most importantly, the more giving and grateful YOU are, the more you’ll receive. Here are some of my thoughts for the types of relationships you may want to cultivate in your business:

1. Someone who has been there before. Make sure you surround yourself with people who have demonstrated success in growing businesses, especially your industry. People you can go to for advice, guidance and next steps. If you don’t have the resources to invest in a Mentor here, there a re plenty of people who will support you without having to be paid. Just ask.

2. Someone who is an influencer with your ideal customer base. Surround yourself with people who your ideal customers would look up to. If you’re in health and wellness, then someone well-respected in that field would be perfect to lend instant credibility to whatever it is you’re working on They can support you with endorsements, opening doors to your market, etc.

3. Product or service evangelists. Pay attention to those who really “get” what it is you have to offer and know how to rave about the benefits to others. You want to surround yourself with these individuals and make sure they have everything they need to talk about you. Give them product, spend time in sharing the specifics of what you’re up to, and understand what val ue they see in what you have to offer so you can communicate it to others. These Brand Ambassadors can really help speed up your sales and marketing cycles and help create that viral buzz we all dream about.

4. People with complimentary talents. You may absolutely shine in one area of business but chances are you’re not great at everything. Instead of trying to do the tasks you would probably get fired from at another company, set the intention to attract the most perfect talent. Finance, operational details, sales, marketing, product development. Don’t let money be a deciding factor in allowing these people to help you. Financial compensation is not always what people most desire. There are some very creative ways to provide compensation. The sooner you understand what talents you’re lacking, the sooner the most perfect person can step in.

5. Those with well rounded, high-profile networks. The greatest ease I have in business occurs because I’m regularly surrounded by people who have access to the people and resources I require to move my projects forward. I regularly invest in these relationships and at the time when I could use the most support, they’re there for me. I recommend you invest in knowing people who are wealthy, have a rich database of contacts, and are influencers. It’s good for your spirit to be surrounded by success and goodwill and it’s also good for business.

What’s the difference between those who have this type of support in their lives and those who don’t? They ask! So as you identify people who would be a perfect fit for your team, be sure and speak up. More team, funding and revenue strategies can be found in “Dream. Money. Go!” at http://myfundingstrategie . Use coupon code save 100 at checkout.